Taliah Waajid

President and Founder
Taliah Waajid Brand

Taliah Waajid is the President and Founder of the Taliah Waajid Brand. In 1995, Taliah offered the first, complete line of natural, chemical-free hair care products to the general market. The products were formulated for consumers that chose to refrain from using chemicals on their hair. Today, the Taliah Waajid Brand offers several collections of healthy hair product lines that range from natural hair care, curly hair care, protective styling, men’s’ grooming and children’s hair care.

With her strong urge to give back to the community, Taliah founded the first, the largest, and the best beauty industry trade show, The World Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event which is now in its 23rd year. For years, this event has been a place providing education and fun experiences to consumers while supporting businesses large and small in the beauty, hair, and healthy living spaces.

Taliah is a dedicated, hard-working, and passionate leader, mentor, mother, and friend. She strives to be a positive inspiration to the next generation and those around her. Taliah knows that success requires a team and that no one is successful on their own. Taliah is inspired by her family members, customers, and staff every day. She believes that given the right opportunity and tools, anyone that wants to achieve success, can and will do so.

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